About us

Hey there, I'm Fawzi 👋

I'm a product designer with an engineering background, and I love discussing how emerging technologies and innovations will shape our near future.

I started the Year 2049 newsletter because I grew tired of how these topics were covered in mainstream media. There was either too much hype, too much fear, or too much jargon.

Instead of appreciating and admiring our progress, we feel alienated by it.

We're living at one of the most exciting (and defining) times in history. This newsletter will help you appreciate human ingenuity, understand the good and the bad of new technologies, and paint a picture of a future you can look forward to without fear. I hope you’ll join me on the journey.

This store is my way of creating products that will fund the Year 2049 newsletter and the videos you see me posting on Instagram and TikTok. I want to keep my content free, so this is how you can support my work!

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